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Wednesday, September 26

The Garden

Gladiolas in the Garden this Spring

Today was a work day. I got up early and began watering. I filled all of the hummingbird feeders, and put new food in the other bird feeders, I cleaned all of the bird bathes and I set sprinklers out and watered my flowers. It has been dry for a long time now, with no rain in sight, so it was time to water. Our cool weather has turned off warm and our days have been pushing the 90 degree mark once again. When the wind blows as it did today, the ground dries out rapidly.

I bought some new bulbs (tulips, snow crocus, wood hyacinths, Dutch iris, and Chionodoxa) today for a fall planting, and tomorrow I am going to work on a new flower bed and plant my bulbs. But the one thing that I need to do, is draw a picture of where I plant them. I forget, and then dig bulbs up in the planting of new ones. It doesn't kill them, but if often tears the roots off and then they do not bloom as well as they would if left undisturbed.

At my place in Louisiana I have many Spider Lily bulbs, and I moved a hundred or so to my home here in Georgia last year. They do not like to be moved, so in protest. only a few bulbs have sent up shoots to bloom. I think I saw about a dozen coming up. They are a member of the amaryllis family, which means they send up flower stalks in the fall, and leaves in the spring. Right now they are beginning to flower. They are unique and beautiful, I will go out and take a picture tomorrow so that I have one to post so that you can see what they look like.


Elween said...

aunty lucy should learn all the gardening skills from you, Nea! i am sure your garden looks fabulous. :)

take care!

The Old Fart said...

What pretty flowers, you do have a wonderful touch with Gardening. It has been awile since I've been by, I love the new look.

Blessings to you Nea, it is fun having you for a friend on Facebook

Catch said...

I wish I knew how to garden! Im never sure when to plant what ot where to put Your garden looks lovely Nea. You always have such pretty pictures on flowers.

herhimnbryn said...


Nea said...

HI Elween, gardening is meant to be shared and there is nothing a gardener likes better than to swap methods, stories, and plants. If Auntie Lucy lived near me, I would definitely help her and give her starts of flowers to get her going.

Hi Bill, I didn't get done what I wanted to do today, but I forgot I had to go to the Dr. and it was in Atlanta so that took most of my day up, I didn't get home till 8:00. I enjoy facebook also, but I have't been on it very much lately either.

Hi Catch, I had the advantage of a Grandmother and Mother who gardened, in fact the who family gardened. So I grew up with dirt under my fingernails. Literally, I remember digging potatoes when I was very small, and setting out seedlings. We lived from food from the garden and there were times we wouldn't have eaten if we hadn't had our garden. I do mostly flowers now, because the soil here is way to poor for vegetables, but I do raise a few tomato plants.

Hi Her, I just came by your place, I haven't been around others people sites as much as I like, but I just am so tired at night, so I don't spend to much time on the computer as I used to.

Akelamalu said...

You have been a busy bee haven't you? Your garden is beautiful.

Libby said...

awww, geez, nea! i luv ya, but it makes me so mad i could SPIT when i come here & see your flowers...of course, it's jealousy, you!