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Thursday, November 15

Water Issue

Lilies are the one bulb that must have water all year long.

When I moved to the State of Georgia no one ever mentioned to me that water (or lack of it) would or could become an issue. The funny thing about this water problem, the lakes in this state that are controlled by Georgia Power have no water problems. The only lakes that are at risk are the ones that the Corp of Engineers manage. Our water issue I think goes deeper than "lack of rain." Here in the south people are used to having five inches of rain each month, so if there is less than that, it is drought conditions. I have lived here for seven years now, and I can't begin to tell you how many times I have heard it spoken, it isn't going to matter how much it rains, it isn't going to solve our drought problem. Which always makes me wonder, if rain isn't going to help, what is? Are we all going to have to spit out a inch of water a month or disconnect our plumbing. What do they suggest will help. I don't think that Atlanta has ever had to depend on a snow pack for their water source. It has always been determined by the rainfall. So when we get an inch of rain and they say it won't help, it is a bit discouraging.

What the Army Corp of Engineers means when they say an inch of rain isn't going to help, they mean, since we are dumping out twelve inches of water a week over the dam, on down the river into Alabama and Florida, an inch of rain isn't going to help much. Well of course not. Think of it like your own bank account. If you deposit $100. and spend $1,200. you are soon going to be in deep dodo. Or in our case, the bottom of the lake down there where the mud is located. Sonny Perdue cancelled Bass Fishing tournaments this year because of the shallowness of the lakes, Pikes Garden Supply in Ackworth just declared bankruptcy because they have had to toss more than 1,000 flats of flowers and plants that they could not sell. But who is going to buy plants when they are going to be fined if they water. The Bartow county water company increased our water rates by double, and I read last night that they are going to capitalize again on our pain, by increasing our rates again in Dec. This is a windfall for them, because you and I know they will NEVER decrease those rates even if it should rain for 40 days and nights.

I have lately been thinking of my alternate plan. I cannot live in a place that will not let me water my flowers. It would be like telling a football tailgate party they can't have any beer, or telling a electric guitar player that he can't use his amplifier. I am pretty sure you get the idea of how painful this has been for me. It is both mental and physical anguish that only someone who loves their garden as I do will understand.


Louisiana said...

oh my friend you and no garden is like me and no emotions. just can't do it. sorry hon, it must be so darn impossible to try to live with.

i have a couple of thoughts..calgary is one of them for sure. move here. yes, move here. he, he.

we have water. yeap we got water. and we have a spanish girl that would accompany you in your garden and will make you some hot tea to warm up.

yeap, that is my favorite alternative.

love ya..and i cna't see you in msn to do hey hon?

sorry you have been doing a bit off. i wish i could just wish you healthy and that be it.

teachers that don't like kids shouldn't be teachers. what an awful thing is to have someone in a superior position to be mean.

i miss you... :(

i love you :)

hugs. stay warm.

Nea said...

Hi Chana, it stresses me for sure, and the Dr. says, NOW don't get stressed....haha, who is he kidding.

my handle on MSN and everywhere else is neababyblu, if you add me, maybe it will send me a note so that I can add you. We can try that.

My kitty is asleep on my bed, and I have a teapot brewing hot water, why don't you come over for a spot of tea. haha

I would consider moving to Canada......but I am sure my kids might have a fit.........although they might get to see some of that snow that they have been a handering to see. haha

Luv and hugs my friend,

Queenie said...

I really feel for you, here it rains forever then they tell us there is a water shortage. They let us use watering cans but no hose, with me not being able to walk very far the water cans are a joke. I wish I had a magic wand Nea and I'd sort it for you, alas I haven't but I will hope that somehow you sort it out.

Akelamalu said...

It's as ridiculous as here Nea. In summer if we get a couple of weeks without rain we have a drought! I have never understood how an island can have a drought?

Elween said...

so sad for you..and your flowers...especially lilies which really need lots of water (am i right?)...pray hard for rain to come..:)

hope you are feeling better after knowing you have been sick for these few days...take care alright?

btw, i am taking my exam on monday, so will be away for 2 weeks, so tomorrow i will post on my final article before i leave. so hope to see you soon!:)

hugs and kisses

quilly said...

You have too much humidity for desert plants, but not enough water for temperate zone plants. Is there an alternative? What will grow in high humidity and low water?

Nea said...

Queenie, we have a bit of the same problem, we will have six inches of rain,and they say, it doesn't help. If rain doesn't help, then what is going to? It is a very political issue I think.....and one they are not going to solve if they don't make some major changes.....

Nea said...

Oh Queenie I meant to mention, people have told me the same thing, take the bathtub water and water my plants. That has to be somekine of joke, haha. I have two flights of stairs to go down, carrying a pail of water, do they know how heavy a pail of water is.....and then I have 1/2 acre of would water about 20......maybe less. And I would be in bed for a week.......haha So I understand exactly what you mean.

Nea said...

Hi Akela, they have been hollering drought ever since I moved here. Even the year that we had floods everywhere. I went by lake Alatoona and it was up to the trees. They turned open the damn and drained it down to the mud within a week, and then screamed drought again. There is no way to win with them because they are stupid.

Nea said...

Hi Elween, thank you, oh the flowers will either survive or not....I guess I will just have to stick my chin up and not worry so much, huh.

Good luck on your exams.......I will keep checking in, after your two weeks of exams. And remember, turn in all your papers, haha. Best wishes.....:):) hugs

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, not really sure......I do not think everything would die, except the month of gets very hot and dry. I have to believe that this will end soon. If not, I will try digging a well, I suppose.

Dr.John said...

You are right. When they raise the price because of conditions it never comes back down when conditions change.