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Sunday, January 13

How Often Do You Use Your Index Finger?

If you want to know, just injure the end of your index finger, put a band aide on it and try to keep it dry and out of harm's way. I have a wart on the end of my finger. If it were any other place I would have just left it alone. But on the end of your finger it begins to hurt after you slam it into the point of a sheet rock nail a few times. I wear a carpenters belt and the nails go into a little pouch. They are random, some point down, but some point up, so when I reach in to grab nails a few hit the ends of my fingers. Now the fingers that are without warts do not have a problem, but the finger (my left index) had this tiny wart on the end. (Where warts come from I do not know. I don't have them anywhere else.) So I got some stuff that is supposed to burn it off, and it seems that after a month all I did was manage to get it really sore. So I got some stuff that is supposed to freeze it off, and that made it even more sore. I was at the Dr.'s the other day and told him about it, and he said yes, freezing is the way to go, but that it still takes time. It seems that you actually remove a wart is layers. Well I came home and cut mine off with a razor blade. I doubt if I got it all and got rid of it, they are pretty stubborn, and I am only going to cut so deep. But now that finger needs to be bandaged. So I have medicine and a band aide on it, and it is very, VERY, hard to type. If I didn't go back and correct the errors you would not be able to read this post. Anyway, I might take a few days off. It is so frustrating. And then maybe not. Maybe I will just be more careful next time I put a band aide on, and see if I can make it a little less lumpy.


Avus said...

My old Grandma always said you could get rid of a wart by cutting a potato in half, rubbing the wart with it and then burying that half in the ground (where, presumably, the wart would go off to find it!)
Maybe the old ones had actually found that something in the potato cured warts?

Nea said...

Hi Avus.....That very well could be, potatos are starch, maybe it is the starch. All I know, it has got to be easier than burning, freezing and cutting. and a lot less painful....:):) I will try it...... Though I doubt I will bury the potato, haha....I will just toss it out the window, it is COLD out there. haha

Libby said...

nea- freeze it, give it at least a week, WILL take that long cuz (yuk), the 'wart seed' has to fall out!