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Wednesday, February 20

The Status Quo

Coffee is brewing, cat is asleep on my bed, Nick just got home from school and has gone to play at Jesse's. He was supposed to have a music lesson tonight, but he has such a cough it is impossible to play. So I gave him a reprieve. I called Scott last night and talked to him for about an hour. They plan to go to Manila in June for three weeks. I guess Marisol's sisters (4 of them) are eager to see the baby, and since they are not able to obtain travel-to-the-US Visa's, it wouldn't be possible for them all to see the baby unless Scott and all of his family travel to the Philippines instead. They are also going to plan a trip here for Ana's Graduation the end of May, so they are going to be busy this summer. Our trip to California is not put together yet, because I need Ana to find out if she can get the time off of her job to go. If she doesn't go with us, it will change my plans a bit. Tom may go with us instead. He has never gone back to California since moving here. This would be his first time back. And he doesn't enjoy visiting with my 92 year old Mother, so I don't know what I will do with him for the week that I spend with her. They have DIFFERENT political views, and of course they are both very opinionated. So they fight. It isn't pleasant to travel 3000 miles to fight. Or to watch someone else fight. So I always make him promise when he is near my Mom to pretend he doesn't hear, which isn't all that hard for him to do, since he is practically deaf. Last years trip was fun, the kids and I spent just a few days at each stop and we stayed in Hotel's most of the time. Ana and Alex went clothes shopping in San Francisco, while Nick and I sat on a park bench and ate ice cream. We had fabulous, expensive dinners in quaint little restaurants and for the kids who basically hadn't been much of anywhere, it was a dream come true. But it was a very expensive vacation and I am not sure I want to spend that much money this year doing the same thing. Well I have lots of time to think about it yet, although the way time "marches on" I have to begin making plans in the not to distant future. If you wait until the last minute things don't work out so well.


Akelamalu said...

It makes life hard when relatives fight, I know. :(

Hope your plans for the trip all work out perfectly, I'm sure they will with you doing the planning. :)

Nea said...

Hi Akela, I come from a long line of feisty people. We used to have these huge family get togethers, and it always sounded like a tree full of hoot owls. My Uncles would wave their arms and shake their fists at the injustice in the world, and they would verbally try and solve every problem. Us kids would watch and laugh......they were harmless, but LOUD. People on the outside of the family, always thought everyone was mad, but actually they were AGREEING with one another. But let an outsider enter the mix, and usually it would end up in a verbal fight. No one ever comes to blows, but it can get pretty animated.

Ah, I used to really enjoy those family get togethers with all the Uncles talking about the war....haha And creating their own.

Oh, I have plenty of time to prepare, but I like to plan things well in advance, don't like leaving things to last minute.

quilly said...

Nea -- Once I ended a vacation a week earlier then I'd planned because of bickering relatives. I hope you can come to an arrangement that is comfortable for all both emotionally and financially.

Nea said...

Hi quilly, yeh, I know what you mean. I took tom up to my Mom's once, and they got in an argument about Clinton......I just left the room and vowed I would never take him back up there again. And I haven't, after that visit she stopped sending him a Christmas present. haha. She can be a real pill.....and he is a pain in the ass......but after all she IS 92......I would think that he could resist the temptation to bait her.......Anyway, I have told him, planes fly both ways, and if he picks a fight, I am sending him home, ALONE. haha