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Friday, March 14

A Whole Lot Going On

Things have been gearing up here in the last couple of months before school lets out. Ana will be graduating this May from High School. And her brothers want to come for a visit and be here for her graduation, so I have been trying to put it all together. I will have to send plane tickets to Trevor and Jennie and the baby, because Trevor is in college on the GI bill, and there is no extra money for plane tickets. Darrin has a son in school in Sacramento, and it will be finals week, so they are going to either have to find someone for him to stay with, or take him out of school, neither seems the best. They are trying to work that out. Scott and Marisol are preparing for a three week trip to Manila so her four sisters can see the new baby, and before they go they plan to drive out here for Ana's graduation. As with Darrin, Scott also has a son that is in school and will be having finals that week, so I think Marisol's mother will stay there and take care of Andrew while they travel out here. They are going to drive, it is only about 14hours by car. Scott said that if he can drive it in one day, that driving is the best for him. So in the meantime I am working frantically on the basement trying to get it done so that I have the extra room. I now have the ceiling done in the family room, and part of the ceiling done in Nick's bedroom. We are about to go to town so that I can get another 60pound tub of taping compound. And a few gallons of paint. I work for about two hours every night. So far it has been coming along slowly, but it is coming along. The worst part is the sanding, which I have to do before I apply the final coat of taping compound to the walls. I am very close to that point, so I have to get drop clothes to cover the doorways. If I don't, that fine sanded powder will drift all over the house and fill every rooms nooks and crannies. It fills my nooks and crannies also. It is extremely hard on the eyes and nose. Once inside the lungs it is there to stay, so I wear a face mask when I sand.

I hope everyone is well, and I am sorry that I don't come by and comment of late, but I am just so busy. And when I get done at night, blogging is the last thing that I want to do. Sorry. I have also been working in the yard, so what energy I have has been well used. Hugs.....


quilly said...

Just remember to take care of yourself so you can enjoy your family when they get there!

Akelamalu said...

My goodness Nea you have been busy and are still at it! Hope you get everything done in time for Ana's graduation. We'll be here when you find time to blog. x

Nea said...

Hi quilly, well I try, but never quite sure how to take care of myself. Easy to take care of others, but when it comes to onesself, there is always something that needs to be done. I always feel lazy if I rest.

Nea said...

Hi Akela, yeh, I bit off a lot this time. Remodeling the entire basement. The basement is the size of the upstairs, it is a full basement, so it is almost 1700 sq feet. I have been working on it for three or four years now. Slowly it has come along. I am now skip troweling the ceiling and painting. It looks nice, and I will be glad when it is done, walls are so much easier than ceilings. I bought some cheap paint, never again. I put it up and it was like water. Tossed it out and got some good paint, and it is going much faster. There is so much difference in paints.

The walls I am going to do a little bit of wallpaper. But I love to wall paper. Love the way it looks when I am done. I have the paper, and it just takes having smooth walls. So I have to sand the taping mud till it is all smooth, and then seal it. All in all I think I will have much done by May if I keep going a few hours each night.

We had some terrible wind, rain and hail today. Houses were flattened in Polk county and in Atlanta. It was another Tornado, but it skipped over us.

Dr.John said...

Family is a blessing but one that can cause a lot of hard work.