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Thursday, May 8

Last Concert of the Year

Tonight is Ana's last concert. We have to be there at 7:00. She said this will be a really long concert, because she alone will be singing 4 or 5 songs. And she doesn't know how many the others are singing. I guess because they are Seniors and it is their last concert they are doing a little more than usual. She is glad it is all over, when she began singing in the sixth grade she was very jazzed about the whole thing. But four years of High School with a music teacher she doesn't care for, has turned her around. Now she doesn't care if she sings any more of not. To bad, she has a very nice voice. But you can't make Ana do what Ana doesn't want to do. Now she will probably only sing in the shower.


Dr.John said...

Once she is out of school and away from that teacher who knows what she will do with her talent.

quilly said...

Teachers have a lot to answer for.

Nea said...

Dr. John, She will always sing for pleasure, but once she wanted more.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, I once said that if all the teachers were like you, my kids would have done okay. But all the teachers weren't nice like you....and Georgia seems to have so many bad teachers. Maybe they don't like to teach here, and we get the left overs......I don't know. I am not sure by what standard a teacher measures another teacher, but this music teacher single handedly took all of Ana drive and joy of singing and turned it into something she didn't enjoy and wished she didn't have to do anymore. I have gone to all of her concerts, and I got so tired of watching him berate and yell at them in front of their own parents. I wanted to take him aside more than once and ask him if that is the way he liked to be treated. Here in Georgia the teachers demand respect and give very little. Ana is the kind of student that most teachers would love to have in their class. And many have said so, but her music teacher never gave her a bit of praise. Music is very political here in Georgia, at her school.

Cindy said...

Nea- that teacher makes me angry and it's not even my kid. I hope Ana's desire to sing is bigger than that small person.
I also hope you enjoy your time off from blogging and will look forward to seeing you again when you return.
Have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Nea, I'm having problems leaving a comment on your last entry, so I'll say it here.
You must take good care of yourself, you will find a way with the gluten free food - just don't GIVE UP!!
Take your time, but I'll be happy to see you blogging again sometime!
In 4 weeks time I'll be going home for a much needed visit - so I've also "shut down" my blog for the meantime.
From time to time I'll be looking into your blog for news from you - until then, keep well, and take good care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!