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Sunday, May 4

New Bedroom

This is the room that that I have been working on for the last year. It has been slow work due to all of my health issues, but I have done a little bit each week, as much or as little as I felt like doing. But the kids are coming from California the end of this month for Ana's graduation, so I feel a bit of a push to get it done so that I can put a bed in and someone can sleep in there. The color is bright, but there is only one window, (which I installed), and if I use to dark of paint it would be like a dungeon in there. Case in point, Ana's room, on the other side of the wall, she wanted dark blue, so she got dark blue, and now she says it is way to dark. Well she has to live with it, I have much to do, and doing her room over again, because she chose the wrong color isn't in the cards. What I will do, I will do the top portion in a wash that makes it look like clouds. I did one wall and it looks really good, but even that will have to wait. I still have much to do to get this room ready for occupancy, including carpeting.

As you will notice there is one door missing, that door is to the area where the central heating unit is housed. The door needs to be louvered so that the heating unit can "breathe." That door had to be ordered. That and the carpeting, and paint the trim around the doors, and doors for the closet are about all I have yet to do in this room. I also need shelving inside the closet, but that doesn't need to be done before someone can sleep in there.


Anonymous said...

Lovely room. A bit sparsely furnished for my taste. ;)

Nea said...

Haha, yeh, and right now it has tools in the middle of it. This was not an easy room, it has drop ceiling over the air conditioning ducting, that I had to build from scratch. And then being a basement, their was cement halfway up, in stair steps across the outside, so I had to build a wall in front of it,a moisture barrier and also something to nail sheetrock to. When I started I had strong wrists, but over the years, because of artritis, things have gotten a lot more difficult. I look at my hammer and wonder, why I ever thought I needed such a BIG hammer. haha

Cindy said...

Wow! I am impressed! That room is beautiful and I love that salmon color for the walls. I'd look at a project like that and not know where on earth to begin. But I can drive a stick shift flatbed truck to the junkyard with an old car loaded on it, and brave the scales with it!