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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Sunday, October 5

The Hills of Georgia

I do not lead a very exciting life, but by my own admission it is the kind of life I prefer. I guess when I was young I didn't like to stay home all that much. But as I grow older, I get more and more like my Mom, and she seldom goes anywhere. I used to wonder how a person could just stay at home all the time, but now I know. If I don't get my little travel trailer, I doubt I will go anywhere. Because I just don't have any desire to. There are times that I think I want to travel, but a month living in motel rooms, and that kind of put a damper on that idea. haha The reality is, living out of a suitcase is NOT to my liking. So I doubt that the travel plans will ever come to pass. It is just what everyone expects a person to do when they retire.

Who would feed my birds, my cat, my deer, the chipmunks? I have half the forest depending on me for food and water. When I go away they have to just starve. No kidding there isn't a lot out there for them to eat in the late fall and winter. The deer get really skinny. Well my squirrels and deer get fed pretty well actually, when I am here. Luckily the kids feed the cat, but they don't go so far as to go out in the woods and feed the animals. That is my job.

It got warm today, over 80. It had been down into the 70's. We have turned off the air conditioning. The electric bill was outrageous. And to me, who spends 90 percent of my time out of doors, keeping the house cool doesn't make any sense. Besides, most of my life I lived in houses that didn't have air conditioning. People today are so spoiled. We had wood heat in the winter, and fans in the summer and if we got really hot we sipped on chipped ice and sat in front of a fan. People today aren't going to sweat any, not if they don't have to. I personally don't mind a little bit of sweat, on me, or on someone else. Well, as long as they wear deodorant. haha

I am ready for a visit to the porch with a cup of hot coffee.......and a bit of music. I light up my candles, and enjoy the soft light and the cool air, while sipping coffee, and listening to soft music, and doze off and on. It is my quiet time and I enjoy it. So until later, nea saying night, night.....


Libby said...

beautiful pictures, nea!! and tonight is exactly that night to sip a cup of coffee & reminisce, isnt it? boyfriend is gonna use a 'corn burner' this heard of em? how well do they work? and yes, he has reg heat too, but i shelled corn with him & his boy outside all afternoon..

Nea said...

In some of my Little House on the Prarie book it seemed to me that they used corn cobs to burn....but that is the only time I have heard of burning corn. Do you burn the whole thing, kernals and all, or just the cob? Corn has gotten really expensive I have heard since they are usuing it for fuel now.

You have a boyfriend, man I gotta to get over your way and catch up, I am getting behind aren't I. I didn't even know about the boyfriend.....

Burfica said...

It was much cooler this weekend and down to 50 this morning, freezing inthe house. I need to think about hooking up the heater. Cuz I can't stop shivering. hahahaha

I would be feeding all the critters too, and a nice sit on the porch sounds perfect to me.

William ~ The Old Fart said...

Reading this I thought of my Dad, in the winter he'd feed the birds and after he died Mum kept feeding the birds. When she died I continued on with feeding the birds. The trees would be full of birds and I was just in the house and the yard would have all kinds of feathered friends.

I agree with you Nea, I would like to travel, but it would be to visit my Sister, I have no desire at the moment to pack up and explore the world. I guess it is for the younger of the set, as one gets older they want to stay closer to home.

I hope you find your Peace you are looking for Nea. Hold on to your memories as they can be the escape a person needs.