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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Saturday, October 25

Daisy Daze

The trip home from Louisiana was relaxing and peaceful. I just took my time, stopped and took pictures whenever I wanted, ate when I felt like it and when I got sleepy, I pulled over and rented a room. No more hurried trips back and forth. Before when I had Lou, I couldn't stay in a Motel room because I couldn't find one that accepted dogs. But now I can stay in a Motel when I get to sleepy to drive. So the trip home was easy. I actually enjoyed the drive. It was a beautiful day and there were daisies in bloom along the road so I stopped and took a few pictures.

I have been home almost a week now and I am still sorting through pictures and all kinds of things that I brought back from the house in Effie. It is kind of nice to have my own possessions here for a change. What is left of them. Although I lost a lot, I also was able to save a lot. My Mother's picture, her high school picture I saved, as well as my Grandfather's picture. I lost many of the kids because their pictures were hanging on the wall where most of the water was dripping. But I might have extra's somewhere. I will have to look and see.

Today I went and got a bunch of plastic containers and I am sorting through things that I want to put up and things I am going to just store. I rented storage and I think I will probably just keep it for awhile. It is nice to have a place to keep things that you want to keep, but you don't want cluttering up the house. Kids want to keep everything, and I know they aren't going to use a lot of this stuff, but I hate to toss it out if they want it. When Trevor graduated from high school I was moving and I didn't keep many of his things. Now I regret it, so I am going to let Ana and Nick put their stuff in storage until they have houses of their own.

The land in Effie may never see a home again. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Time will tell. But I will no longer have a house to worry about. And in a way that is a good thing. Yes, I will always miss that house, but it will be a lot less worry to me now. Nothing more can go wrong with it that I will have to fix. It will be torn down by Christmas, and there will be nothing there but the brick that once held the porch.

I am going to return in December, collect the last of the few things left. Which isn't much, and then I probably won't return again. It will become a vacant field of wildflowers. My neighbors have always wanted to buy the land, but they want to set their own price, and it is pretty low. They seem to think land hasn't increased in value in Louisiana in the last 20 years. I realize it doesn't increase in value as fast as say, California, but still, they aren't making any more land, even in Louisiana, and it is worth a whole lot more than they are willing to pay. It has been a bit of a money pit for me, and now it has become a total loss. It was one of my more foolish endeavors, but then who was to know how things would turn out.

I still love the place, but doubt I will ever live there again.


Burfica said...

Who knows maybe you all can find a price to be happy with, and you can have that bit of money.

I'm glad you were able to save things.

And I only travel casually anymore unless it's and emergency.

I moved my dad and his trailer, drove down 10 hour trip. On a Thursday and pulled out on Saturday with his house packed up and hitched onto my suburban. That trip took us about 16 hours, cuz I coudln't go as fast on all the hills, and I had to stop and rest alot, it was a very difficult haul.

Now I want a list of motels where ever I have to drive. hahahahaha

Nea said...

Hi burfica, hauling is tedious isn't it. I rented a Uhaul, got a hitch, and hauled one load behind the van, but it was work......and I worried the whole trip that it would tear the transmission out of my van. But I made it.

Maybe one day I will sell the place......down the road. But they want me to sell it to them only, and at their price, they aren't being very fair. So I just told them I am not selling right now. To let the dust settle.

The older I get the less I enjoy travel.......haha