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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Friday, December 5

You Are Right, I should Update my Blog

Hi all, I just got a note from Eelween wanting to know why I haven't updated my blog, it isn't that I am so busy, although I have been, but not to busy to come in and post something. I have been spending time playing a game called Mafia Wars over at Myspace. It gets to be addictive like any game. And I am NOT a gaming type person, although I have to say, playing with play money is a bit of fun.

We are deep into winter here, colder than a well digger's ass. Or as my Uncle's Byron used to say, colder than the balls on a brass monkey!

The funny thing about this winter, although we are having one of the coldest winters that I can remember here in the south, our gas bill was $22.00 this month. I have to think that it was so cold no one read the meter and they just guessed, which means next month it will be a bit bigger. I do not think we could heat this house for only $22.00.

So how has everyone been. I made it to a few of the blogs, left a couple of comments, but mostly just read. I haven't been in the mood to do much commenting. Out of chit chat I guess. Well, keep your powder dry, and try to stay warm.

hugs everyone,


Eel Wind said...

You're back! (I knew you will respond to my 'calling', LOL)

I heard of Mafia Wars but never have a chance to play it...ehm..but since it's addictive, I'll try not to touch it! hoho...

so...which exactly is colder? well digger's sass or balls on a brass monkey? just kidding, lol :)

Quilldancer said...

I am having no trouble staying warm. OC and I took our towels and went down to the beach. We decided not to swim because of the fishermen, but I got some great photos of our walk!

Cindy said...

Hey Nea, what do you say we pack up and head out for a surprise visit to Quilly's!? She's got nice warm weather there. It's already in the single digits here tonight and with a bitter, bitter wind coming straight out of the west. Our road is drifted in with drifts about three feet deep and all the way across.
Know what you mean about those games. Have you ever been to I think my picture might be next to the word "addict" in the dictionary over there.

Stay warm!

Nea said...

Hi Elween, yeh, I don't even sleep at night afraid someone is going to come and "kill" me during the night at Mafia Wars. It is crazy..haha

Oh, about the cold thing.....I suppose the well diggers ass, the brass monkey can't feel it anyway, haha

Hi quilly, NO fair.....we could use a little of that weather here right now. It was really really cold today.

Hi Cindy, yeh, I am ready to go, just let me pack a few things and I am out of here...haha

I had no idea how addicting these games can wonder my son plays them all day and half he night. haha

Burfica said...

Our weather has been so weird. By halloween we are usually down to 20's and teens at night and only get up to 40 at the most during the day. But until yesterday we had still been in the 40's at night and upper 60's during the day. Well it looks like it just hit over night and we aren't getting over 40 today, after 60 something yesterday.

I hate when the weather drops or jumps more than 10 degree's at a time.

Avus said...

Welcome back, Nea. Yes, the cold creeps in. I am into thermal trousers and a puffa waistcoat and stay warm and toasty.
"So cold it could freeze the balls of a brass monkey". That comes from the old sailing man o' war days. A brass monkey was a stand holding the cannonballs in a pile (rather like they do supermarket tins). It was brass so as not to cause sparks near gun powder, as would happen if it was iron. In freezing weather the brass contracted and the cannon balls fell off - hence the saying.
Have never heard the "well digger's ass" one before though.

Libby said...

hey, nea! it's just cold, wet rain up here, but tomorrow we get snow & sleet too! yay?

The Old Fart said...

Merry Christmas Nea, ~ Stay warm and avoid Calgary at the moment. Snow and very cold.

Eel Wind said...

Nea - you never know...they have 'long hands' hehe...:)

Louisiana said...

hello dear friend, i know it has been a while and i hope you know that i have missed you. i don't know why it hasn't been for me to blog but it hasn't but that is my hands but my heart has not forgotten and you have been daily on my mind. i have been wishing you well and have held you in my thoughts caringly.

it is interesting how much life can change in just months, you and i know that so very well. but yet, some things just can't change and this is one of those...

i'm here to wish you dear friend, much love and not just for it is the holidays but every day. i wish you health, of heart, of mind, of body. i wish you peace, that it may be all over present in your daily life.

may you enjoy your family and friends' company this season.
Merry Christmas dear Nea to you and yours...i love you always.

Eel Wind said...

Hello Nea, a blessed christmas to you and a happy new year! God bless you :)

The Old Fart said...

Merry Christmas Nea, ~ I truly hope things are going well for you, miss seeing you here on the blog.

All the best for you and your Family this Christmas and for 2009


Quilldancer said...

Happy New Year, Nea!