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Thursday, September 20

Not 100% but some Better

After what seemed like a very long night I was finally able to get some sleep about 6 this morning. I have had an eye problem for the last month, which has gotten worse with each trip to the Dr. Who knows what I actually had when I started out, an allergy, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, or just eye strain, but after the Dr. gave me something that I seemed to be allergic to, I have been on a slippery slope of eye pain. I have no less that 12 vials of drops, tubes of oils, eye washes, and eye lid cleaners. Not to mention about seven trips to the Dr. at $45.00 a piece. And still my eyes hurt, burn, itch, and the worst part, the skin on the inside of the lid sloughs off and while doing so feels like ground glass in my eye. If you have infection there is one treatment, if you have allergies it is another, and if you are allergic to all of it you end up with eye lids that feel like parchment, hurt like fire, and look like boiled lobster. Eye pain is hard to deal with, if you like to be able to see, and working on the computer has its own detriments to the eyes. The screen glares a bit, and well right now it is just more light than my eyes can handle.

I am using steroids in them now, and it seems to be helping, but there is no getting past the fact, they hurt. I am not out of the woods yet. The Dr. told me if they are infected the steroids will make them worse. So far it hasn't made them worse, so I guess what we are dealing with is just an allergy to all the many medications that didn't work. I am cleaning my eyes with sterile water, not touching them with anything that isn't 100% pure clean and without fragrance or color. I have allergy problems to many things, and once your histamine reaction is triggered it takes less and less to make it worse.

Although I am better, I am not out of the woods, and I can feel them itch and begin to burn if I try to focus for too long a time. And my time is up....... I go to the Dr. again next Thursday, hopefully by then I will be all well.


Knowleypowley said...


So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Rest up a while and take a break from the PC.

Get well soon


quilly said...

What Knowley said. Step away from that keyboard and turn the computer off. We'll still be here when your eyes are better. (Okay, so the last time you went off-line for awhile I moved halfway across an ocean. You found me didn't you? And I promise I am not moving again.)

Nea said...

Hi Pete, it gets better as time goes by, the steroids seem to be working.....hooray....

Hi Quilly.......yeh, I turn my back and you pack up and move from the desert to the ocean, but hey, I think you have settled in now....:)

Going to bed, close my eyes, and try and get some of that sleep that I so badly need. Will be back soon. :)

Akelamalu said...

Glad you're improving, albeit slowly. Lots of Reiki heading your way. xx

Nea said...

Hi Akela, thank was a much better day.......improving rapidly. Steroids seem to help a lot.