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Friday, March 21

Gas, the petrol kind

Gas prices are a big issue if you live in the country and have to drive eight miles to get a gallon of milk. I would ride a bike if there were any bike trails, but a person on a bike here would get killed, because there really isn't any shoulder on the roads. And there are a lot of very deep ditches. Downtown they are extending the sidewalks out as far as Euharlee, which brings bike riding within four miles, but I would still have to wager my life for about the first four miles to get to Ingles. Besides I no long own a bike, and I let my motorcycle go back in 2000. So, car is my mode of transportation and I drive a van. They are not known for their economical gas consumption, although mine is not to bad, about 25miles to the gallon out on the highway.

Our gas prices have been on the the steady climb for the last few years. When it broke $2.00 we thought "it just can't go any higher!" It is now at $3.19 and still climbing. My friend Quilly who lives in Hawaii said that they are paying approximately $1.39 but my friend Avus says, and I quote, "here to the UK, we are paying £1.05 per litre, which would convert to $9.45 per gallon in your currency." I found that to be staggering to even comprehend. For people here who drive an hour to work, they would soon be paying more for gas than they make.

It got me to thinking, about wages, gas prices and the cost of living from one place to another, and because I have a curious nature I have been wondering just what the cost of living is in other parts of the world. If you care to respond and give me some insight, I would enjoy knowing. I guess we don't have it so bad off here in the US as we might think at times.

Gas, as with other things that are considered luxuries, like cigarettes and snack foods have a luxury tax. And then I guess there are other taxes involved. I have been told that the actual cost of gas isn't that great, it is the taxes that are imposed to pay for roads and such that brings the price up so high.


Burfica said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii nea thanks for coming by my blog.

Our gas here is 3.29 and climbing. It gets way worse in the summer since that is our big tourist trade.

I have a truck for going up on the mountain and stuff, and we have a suburban. (my husband ran fire and rescue and all the bodies he picked up we wanted something bigger for when we go out of town) So...the gas is killing us.

quilly said...

Hawaii gas $3.39 -- and driers here are so crazy that even the thought of a bike scares me -- besides, OC commutes 20 miles on way DAILY. For me it's only 7 miles. Next year only 4. I'm thinking moped.

Akelamalu said...

Petrol prices are a very SORE subject here in the UK!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Nea said...

Hi Burfica, I found you through LIbby.....and thought I would come by for a visit. So I will probably now add you to my list, if that is okay with you.

I don't blog on a really regular basis, get busy, you know. But I will probably always have one, if for no other reason than it is my getaway....

Yeh, me stress just thinking about it......can't seem to find a better way to get around than the car. Wish I could ride a bike....It would be good for me. But it would be way to dangerous out here. The drivers are crazy. haha

People with big trucks are really feeling the pinch right now, as with the vans and such. Don't know where it will all end, but as you say, you know it will only go up in summer.

Nea said...

Hi quilly, Oh, 3.39, I thought you said 1.39, I wondered why it would be so much difference from here to there, that is when tom told me it is all tax, and maybe hawaii didn't charge tax.

I would try a moped, sounds like a good idea to me......if you have roads to ride one. Not sure they work on a highway, but for four miles, I would think it would work fine. I might get one, too. haha

Nea said...

Hi Akela, I bet it is a sore subject.....if it costs that much. I wondered if maybe the National Health Care was being paid with the tax from gas,and Avus said, yes. If we go to a National Health care, they will have to do something similar here. You can't have it unless something pays for it. Everyone wants it but if we had to pay that much for gas, People would revolt.