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Saturday, March 1

Thinking About It

Here in the US we are in an election year. Georgia has already had it's primary vote and although McCain didn't win here in Georgia, he is most likely to be the Republican Candidate at the General election.

The Democratic candidate, the main contender running against Obama, is Hillary Clinton. Personally as a Republican, I hope neither wins, but I certainly do not want Hillary.

I would like to present you with two thoughts currently on my mind.

1. Two men, both extremely wealthy, one sponsors terrorism, the other is a developer of relatively cheap software and gives billions of dollars anonymously to charity. This being the case, why was it that the Clinton Administration spent more money chasing Bill Gates over an eight year period, than trying to catch Osama bin Laden?

2. Hillary netted $8 Million for her memoir, Bill was promised about $12 million for his, yet these two people were unable to recall anything about their past events when questioned, under oath, by the Grand Jury.


quilly said...

I wholly concur -- while laughing hysterically. Great points.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, I just thought it worth mentioning. haha

I only want good management for the country, the ability to decide where my money goes, and being able to live in safety. So Is that to much to ask? ;) haha

Akelamalu said...

Our politicians are always having 'convenient' losses of memory!

Elween said...

oh yes....this is the election year for us too..but i am not involved...hehe, but i did help my parents checked where their voting centres are. ;)

Nea said...

HI Akela, convenient loss of memory, that is what politicians makes you wonder, just WHO wrote their memoirs, and whose memories they were, haha

Nea said...

Hi Elween, I vote, for what good it does. haha

quilly said...

Nea, OC put up a thought provoking election post at his site.