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Wednesday, April 16

Cap and Gown

Ana received her graduation cap and gown yesterday. The end of her High School tenure is drawing to a close.......none to soon for Ana, she is SO ready to be done with High School. When Ana began school in California she came home from school that first day, ran down the driveway with her arms in the air, shouting; I LOVE SCHOOL. Well, after 13 years of school she now really dislikes school. Not so much that she isn't prepared to go to college, she is, but she is ever so glad to get out of preparatory schooling. Her main complaint, teachers who treat the students as if they are stupid and with a total degree of disrespect. Respect is a two way street, you cannot demand it without giving it back in return. Something I think everyone needs to learn, including teachers.

I can tell you, I AM SO glad that my kids will soon be all done with school. It has taken up the better part of the last 35 years of my life. Believe me I have done plenty of "filling-in" during those years, to and including taking my kids out of school and home schooling them for over a year and a half. Well the light is beginning to show at the end of this long schooling tunnel and none to soon for me. Maybe once I get my kids out of school I can recover what is left of my sanity. haha

I already know that the teachers out there find my comments on teaching less than complimentary. But I would like to add, my kids have had some wonderful teachers. However, the terrible ones have done more damage than the good ones could correct. Children can be mentally scarred for life by the careless and mean actions of one such teacher. And the bad teachers know who they are.....and the good ones shouldn't be concerned by these comments.


Dr.John said...

My kids had good and bad teachers. The bad ones caused them to try harder to prove that teacher's view of them was wrong. There are wonderful teachers and bad teacher just like there are good Doctors and bad Doctors, good preachers and bad preachers, and good bloggers and bad bloggers. We all think we are among the good.

Nea said...

Hi Dr. John, yes I know, good and bad in everyone and everything, as with all things in life.

The bad teachers that Nick had weren't necessarily down on him it wasn't in his power to change their view of him. They just were not good teachers for anyone. They were lazy and didn't care if they taught anything or not. Some teachers have reached the end of the quality years, and are there just for the pay. Once a teacher no longer enjoys their job, and doesn't care if they teach or not it is terrible for the poor kids. Luckily this doesn't happen all that often. But my kids have had the misfortune of having a few. Nick had one in 1st grade...then the next year he had the best teacher he has ever had. But he still remembers that bad teacher and can describe in detail the things she did to the class. She was a yeller, and she would terrorize them. Nick especially, he just didn't get used to her yelling.