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Saturday, April 19

Celiac Disease

This is rather long, but it tells the full complete story of the disease, if you are interested.


quilly said...

I think you may find you enjoy rice flour products. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more adventuresome members of your family didn't enjoy your new foods with you. I love rice noodles, and the rice flour sweet called moochi.

And I believe you have a daughter-in-law whose ethnic culture has many rice flour recipes.

Nea said...

I have been thinking about family, wondering how I am going to adequately feed them when they are here in May. I can come up with a few dishes I am sure. But to cook totally gluten free is a bit of a challenge, and I hate change. But I don't have a choice, if I don't get gluten out of my system, It is likely I will end up with small intestine cancer eventually. Plus all the other problems I have been having. I am not out of the woods yet, everyday, I eat something that I find out has gluten. Yesterday, I ate four Tums smoothies, was sick all night, in and out of the bathroom. Knew I hadn't eaten anything with wheat, all it could be was the tums, sure enough they have wheat gluten. so I have had a really bad day today.

quilly said...

A Tums smoothie sounds so not yummy. It never occurred to me that medicine might have gluten, but duh .... did you ever think about going strictly meat and veggies? (Blah, sorry. I know that jokes aren't helpful right now.)

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, well I am trying to keep my sense of humor, although I never did have much of a sense of humor. haha.

I am just finding out how far gluten goes. You know I have had a problem with my eyes for the longest time, they get swollen, they itch, the skin sluff off and the hurt like they have glass in them. I just found that some shampoo also has glutens. I have gluten free shampoo now, and my eyes are much causes skin rashes, nerve damage, anemia, hair loss, infertility, just to name a few things. But the worst is it causes cancer of the small intestine, which my Dad just died from last year. So I really don't have a choice, my daughter thinks it grand.....that we have to go gluten free. She said,"it brings us closer together as a family." Not sure how she sees it that way, I am the only one who has it, and they still eat their cookies and cakes. :) But I guess she means well. haha

Nea said...

Tom would love to eat nothing but meat and potatoes for get the veggies......I can have all the meat and potatoes and veges and fruit I want. Just can't have pasta, bread, cookies, cake, or gravies. anything that has gluten, and that means beer......I don't drink beer. haha So that won't be missed.