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Sunday, April 27

Eating Out

I enjoy eating out, well maybe I just enjoy not having to cook, but anyway, I have always enjoyed sitting down and letting someone else serve me dinner. That all came to a screeching halt when I found out I couldn't eat anything with grain in it anymore. There aren't many restaurants that cater to this diet. Yeh, they have lots of low calorie and low fat, but if you ask them, do you have anything that doesn't have wheat, rye, or barley in it, they look at you as if you are crazy. I don't know if there is a trace amount of gluten I can have, but most people who have this disease leave it completely alone. I know my degree of tolerance must be pretty "touchy", because I licked the envelopes when I made out Ana's Graduation announcements, (not realizing glue is gluten), and I pretty sick for two days.

So today, when my husband asked if I wanted to eat out, I just looked at him with that look that says, Yeh, like what am I going to eat? So we went to The Fruit Jar Cafe. My thinking is this, it is a Mom and Pop place, well actually just a Pop place. He doesn't buy his stuff premade, everything is fresh and from scratch. He wanders around while you eat, and asks you how you like the food. So today when we went there to eat, when he came to our table I explained my situation and asked him if there was anything that I could eat. I found there are several things, what I had was the grilled chicken and veggies. So far so good.....I will know by tomorrow if I can eat there again. The Fruit Jar is a bean bar, they make beans.....and serve them in big pots. If you order a dinner, you are given a bowl, and are allowed to go and eat beans to your hearts content. I fancy the big butter beans with salt pork. They have a couple other kinds, but it is the butter beans that I enjoy most.

I had to pass up the homemade peach or apple cobbler. There was a time when I would have NO way passed up dessert. But for the last few weeks, nothing like a cookie, pie or cake has crossed my lips. I am thinking that I am going to lose weight now.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have successfully found the first place you can go to eat out!

Nea said...

I had a rough night.....but then you never know where you get the gluten. It can be in anything, even things that say gluten free, if they are processed in a place where they have other products with gluten. they say you have to get a new cutting board, wooden spooons, and toaster. things that can be contaminated. This isnt' going to be easy. There are times you just give up and don't eat anything. Then I get so hungry I feel awful.

a lot of the joy has gone from my life, haha. I loved to eat...and bake. I haven't baked a cookie in days.

ginco said...

I was really hoping that the Fruit jar cafe will be the answer to half your problems, then I read your comment....!
Nea, have you tried some of Bette Hagman's gluten free gourmet recipes?
Have a look on YAHOO, click into Betty Hagman's gluten free recipes!
Don't give up Girl, there is hope for this problem - AND you will find the way, I'm only sorry that it takes so long.
Hang in there, and best of luck!!!!

Louisiana said...

hello..and the link works-whooo-hooo...

hmmm, it seems to me i must make a side something lists of all links just in case they fail automatic.

ok, i'm here. so, i have missed so much. first i'm glad they figured out what it was so it's glutten eh? i know that more and more places are starting to have choices. also here at least we have a community natural food that has a cafe in it and it is 'safe' to eat there..

i am glad you found one place to eat. i'm sorry you have had to give up homemade treats-a Louisianan that has to give it up it's like a cat without some sorry hon...

the great thing about this whole thing is that no more or much less stomach/intestines suffering...

i had no idea of the envelope i'll blame that for the extra carbohydrates ;p
actually i joke but seriously thanks, it is things like this that we need to know.

i love the new blog do. it is pretty. and the I see you pic is hillarious..kinda what my face looks like with prednisone higher doses, lol.

i'm trying to get to blogging again. two friends have not doing too good, her name is Kayla and she is only 16,, she is Susan's niece and is hoping to make it back 'home'..and Four, i was shocked to hear she has been diagnosed.

scary 6 letter word it is. i am one more time reminded how grateful to be for all i have had for i'm here and healing as time goes by.

congrats to the graduate. as usual she will look stunning. i will have to come back and back read much to catch up on all.

sorry i was gone for so long but hopefully now i can come if not daily but often anyways.

i love you.

i send you guys hugs and hugs and hugs...


Avus said...

Never heard of a "bean bar" before - a US custom obviously.