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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Monday, June 9

In Sink

And then we wake up on another day and things look a bit brighter, and I have a Dr.'s appointment, so I won't be going anywhere for awhile. I went outside to move a few things around and to put a few things in the van, and the heat hit me in the face. Man it is hot out there. Remember when we were complaining about the cold........I knew that when summer got here, I would be wishing for some of that cold. It gets way to hot in the south. I used to live near the ocean, near Malibu right up the coast from Venice Beach. A cool breeze blew through the condo everyday. I didn't need heat in the winter and didn't need air conditioning in the summer. There are times when I wish we were back in the condo....I wonder what that place would sell for now? haha Bet I couldn't afford to buy it. I sold that place for just over $95,000. Betcha I couldn't touch it for that now!! That would be just a down payment.

I used to think that I could live anywhere, as long as happiness comes from within, what does it matter where you live. But a country girl doesn't do to well in the big city, it is so hectic, no place to rest, no place to take a break. Every parking space is a waiting game for someone to pull out. I forget what it is like when I am here, and then when I go back home in the summer, and touch down at the airport and start the long road of competition for everything, once again, I remember, yeh right, this is why I love the country.

Lines are long, people are crabby, everyone just wants to get home and put their feet up. I used to work downtown, only 16 miles from the condo, yet it took me close to an hour and a half to get home on Friday night. So to get up again, get ready and go out anywhere, and then wait in lines for parking, lines for tickets. Well it is no wonder that I was ready to move after 8 years.

I think of all this whenever I get prepared to return home for the summer. Yes, my Mother doesn't live in the city, but I have to fly into the city and rent a car and drive many miles to get to her house. By the time I am there, I have already used up the better part of a day and a half. And then it is the same to get back to the airport. When I was young I just looked at it as a thrilling adventure. haha Well, I never planned to get old, it just kind of happened when I wasn't looking. And now......I am not quite as eager to travel.........but now that my health is improving I see a day ahead when I will enjoy it once again.

Finding out that I had Celiac's was not fun, but knowing what is wrong with you and knowing what to do about it sure helps. As long as I don't eat anything, and I do mean ANYTHING that contains wheat, rye, or barley gluten, I get better. The other night at the show, I offhandedly asked Nick for one of his raspberry vine candy sticks. Popped it into my mouth, and then he read on the label that it contained wheat. Too late......Oh my gosh did I have a bad night, and next day......

You have to change your whole way of living, you have to make a concentrated effort to read, look at, scrutinize everything that you put into your mouth. It really is important for lasting good health. And believe me, I won't ever eat without thinking again. Well not until the next time. A lifetime habit of not giving food that much thought is kind of hard to break.

One good thing......there is an upside, I have lost about 14 pounds so far.


quilly said...

The weight loss is only good if you can afford to lose it.

I am glad you are feeling better, and are in better spirits.

Louisiana said...

oh hon, i'm with you with the weather. it hits us harder because of our health, extremes of any kind are just not for us.

very glad that you are feeling better. i'm sorry you are not leaving just yet. i have no idea what is our time difference. i'm in mountain daylight time. for example as i write this it is after 7:30 pm. you my darling can call me 24/7. if you ever need me at midnight or 3 am you go ahead and call. i would be honoured to help my friend. if you just want to chat, we can chatted up just fine you and i.

i know your life changed with your diagnosis but after so long with the wrong title it feels great i know to finally know your enemy.

you are tiny and i never thought that you could use to loose any lbs. pls becareful and make sure you eat at least 3 meals a day to keep up your strength, to keep your moods even (no drops with sugar) and so that you start to take care of you.

had another session today. how good it has been for me hon.i wish you could see her too for i know you hurt and you try to hide it but i feel it.

so nice to be blogging again.


Libby said...

nea, i have to agree wuth louisiana you think you should lose 14 lbs? seriously? don't forget to take a multivitamin every day, especially if you're losing weight like that!!

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, I had a very bad few days.....but now I am better. Today was good, but it was to hot to go outside.

I can lose the weight, I am overweight, I just carry it well. Not all in one place, even my arms and legs carry weight. I just don't seem to ever have any extra on my face or neck. But I could lose a couple more pounds and it won't hurt me. I am not trying to lose weight, but my eating habits have changed so drastically it was bound to happen. It has kind of stabilized now. I haven't lost any more.

Thanks quilly for coming by and checking on me, it is nice to know you are there. I don't really keep in contact with many people......but you and Chana I don't ever want to lose touch with.

Nea said...

Hi Chana, well you know me, I was ready to jump in the car and head out without even packing, but it was just a knee jerk reaction, and then the day begins, and my kids and cat come and give me a hug, and things look better. Maybe I just need another dog........haha

Knowing that I CAN call is about all I really need. I am a funny person. I don't need to actually unload, as much as I just need to know that I could if I wanted to. It is like shopping, I don't have to buy anything, but I don't like to shop when I am broke, because I want to know that if I wanted to I could buy something, Does this make sense. hehe.

Thank for being my friend. hugs.....

Louisiana said...

always your friend hon, that you don't doubt.

pain, sadness, fear is a funny thing. you are strong angel, you can handle this and you are not alone, your kids, your cat, your love for Lou and all of us who love you and support you.

The Old Fart said...

Hi Nea

I hope you are feeling ok, nice to see you making a post again. We are cold and wet here. The landlord had to put the furnace on today. Can you imagine the furnace in June.

Glad you are having your summer but I don't know if I could stand the heat of the south.

Stop by my blog Nea, things are progressing along.

Keeping you in prayer

Avus said...

It's good when you can put a name to a condition - at least then you can do something to alleviate it. But it must be very difficult for you having to check everything that goes into your mouth.
Glad you are "allowing" comments to your blog again - there was much I wanted to say about some of your recent postings.

Nea said...

Hi Avus, it is a difficult condition, and it seems that is it common for Celiac's and Lupus to go hand in hand, since they are both autoimmune conditions. It can lead to other more serious problems if not treated. Most not worth mentioning.......sigh....

I took off the comments, because I was basically just to sad to repond...yet I needed to write about it all, and then I think most of those, I removed anyway. I have a tendency to get way to personal in here for my own good.

my life is a bit tedious right now for many reasons. But mostly I made a bad choice in marriage and I am now paying. Again something I should probably NOT put into print......