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Tuesday, June 3

Flowers From Seed

We are socked in by the heat of summer on the 2nd of June. I guess we are in for a long hot one this year. They are predicting heat for the rest of this week with maybe a shower here and there to help keep it good and humid. I would prefer to spend my day outside, but when it is really hot I usually spend the middle of the day not doing a whole lot.

Ana decided we should plant some flowers from seed. So I got the dirt ready, she planted the seeds, and then she left them up to me. So I have been watering them and caring for them for the last two months. It is now time to do something with them. Everything came up, which means we have about two hundred plants that need to be put in the ground. I don't think she realizes that EACH plant needs to be planted. When she put the seed in the pots she just shook them in by the dozen. Now they need to be divided and repotted, or put in the ground. I am going to repot some, and since I haven't enough pots for them all, I am going to stick some in the ground outside. She planted seeds of things that I would not ordinarily plant. And she planted a lot of them. One such is the money plant. To my Grandmother it was a novelty. It produces seed pods that are round and shiny, and paper thin. They are supposed to look a lot like money. They are often used in dry flower arrangements. But she planted two or three dozen of them. I have no idea what in the world I am going to do with two dozen money plants. haha


quilly said...

Too bad she already palnted them. It is such fun to spread the extra seed in the wild wood. Do you still have that timbered land nearby? Perhaps along the edge of it?

The Old Fart said...

Nea what you need is a Money Tree, I keep hearing about these critters, but have yet to find one.

You will do well with all your plants, I think Quilly is on the mark, maybe plant some of them along the trees you mentioned of.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly,

She wanted to put them in her bedroom. I told her, nothing will grow in that deep dark. She doesn't realize that plants need light. So she lost interest. I will end up planting them. but I am with you, I would just have scattered the seeds outside and let them come up where they wanted to.

Hi Bill, each day I think I will get out there and plant some, and then the heat gets to me. I have not been well the last two days, so planting anything will just have to wait. And the heat makes it worse. I have a list of things a miles long that I need to do. but at least I did get the birthday presents in the mail yesterday. That was on thing that had to get done.