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Wednesday, June 18

Living Gluten Free

Living gluten free means being careful what I eat, and I guess being careful means having to cook for myself from now on. My husband cooked fish a couple of nights ago and he used some spice that wasn't on my "approved" for Celiac's list, and consequently, I paid the price. Just about two hours after I ate my back started to hurt, and then I had to run for the bathroom. The cramping was a lot like delivering a 9 lb baby. Without the baby.... This goes on for about six hours, and then I fall into bed exhausted and my back feels like someone hit me with a board. I also run a low grade fever, I sweat, my heart races, my limbs feel weak and to heavy for me to use, and I get a terrible headache. Often my blood pressure drops and it feels like I am going to faint. These symptoms last through the next day and sometimes even into the following day. Today I am feeling some better. My blood pressure is back up to normal, my headache is gone, my backache is just a dull throbbing, and my arms don't feel totally useless.

This is the reaction that I get when I eat anything (wheat, rye or barley) that has gluten. Wheat gluten is in many things that you would not expect, including cooking spices, salad dressings, prepared mixes, cereals, almost all breads, cracker, cookies, cakes or muffins. This means that I cannot just grab a bite of those little samples that they have at the grocery stores. It means I can't take a bite of my son's cookie, or go out for a pizza or take a quick taste when I am cooking to see if the gravy has enough salt. It also means that I can't lick stamps or envelopes. I have been glutened twice in the last two weeks, and believe me I will NOT eat anything that I haven't prepared for myself, for awhile. The memory is to painfully fresh.

If I am in doubt whether something has gluten, all I have to do is eat it, and within two hours, I know. But it not the way to sample things, from now on if I can't locate it on the website as being gluten free, I don't eat it.


Jac said...

Nea dear, don't try anything just for test.LOL

Nea said...

It is a hard way to find out you can't eat something,.....It is amazing how many things have wheat added to them. For filler I guess.

Cindy said...

Your back hurts with this? Right between your shoulder blades, by any chance?

Nea said...

Hi Cindy, no it hurts more where your kidneys are located. I first noticed it about a year started gradually all of my symptoms, they began about 3 or 4 years ago. And gradually have gotten much worse. There is a lot of mental anquish that goes with this disease as well as depression. But the physical pain is excruitiating. The inside of the intestine actually erodes.....a very painful process I can attest to.