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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Thursday, July 31

A Nature Girl

I just came in from watering and filling all the bird bathes, and guess what, it is raining. It started just about the time that I got done. So I turned off the hose and went over to the neighbors to sit for a spell. Jim is about 45-50. Never been married, and lives with his Mother, well I guess properly his Mother lives with him. He wanted to ask me some questions about having a home office and how it effects your income taxes. I told him, he can use it as long as the room is used primarily for work, and nothing else. Then we got to talking about marriage and children, having them, taking care of them, how they can really change the course of your life. I told him, if I didn't have children, I would not be here in Georgia. He was a little surprised to learn that I was here only till the kids are grown. Five more years, if I can hold out that long. He said having a family, or I should say kids, isn't something he ever wanted. I told him that truthfully as much as I love my own, I really don't love just anyones kids, not like some people. I like children who are decent, courteous and respectful. But some of the kids raised today, I would toss back.

My youngest son Nick is a sweetheart. He loves me to pieces, and there is no way that I could have turned him over to his father to raise. I tried raising him without his father, and that didn't work either. He wanted both of his parents. So here I stay, for the duration.

My husband and I do not fight or argue, nor do we have anything in common. I have just spent the better part of the day in the yard. He has spent it in his bedroom playing solitaire and watching movies. That is how he spends his days, everyday. I would go stark-staring mad if I stayed couped up in a room all day. I have told him, "my next husband, will be an outdoors person, one who is like me and we can fish, camp and travel around in a camper from one place to the other taking pictures and looking at nature." He agrees with me, I will have to get a new husband if I want to do those things.


Quilldancer said...

Won't getting a new husband be somewhat hindered by the current husband still there in the bedroom watching TV?

Nea said...

Well he just now came into my room, so I asked him, and his reply was, "I probably won't notice for at least a week that you are gone." "But if I do notice, I will call Effie and make sure you got there okay." And he will, eventually. haha

Nea said...

He is pretty laid fact if he gets any more laid back, I am going to get a mirror and make sure he is still breathing.

The Old Fart said...

I wish you all the best Nea, I am sure that things will work our for you. I am still thinking of you with your Health Issues.

Nea said...

The problem with health issues, they manifest over time, and the Dr. told me years ago I needed to eliminate stress from my life. There is nothing more stressful than being in a bad marriage, and feeling trapped. I won't elaborate.

Oh the choices we make in our life, if we ONLY had a crystal ball.