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Wednesday, August 6

Beginning of School

before haircut

We had open house at the Middle School this afternoon. Nick is entering 8th grade. It was a long day because I didn't sleep last night. But we got it all taken care of and he is enrolled. He is taking concert band, he plays woodwind, clarinet. When he begins high school he may switch over to the saxophone, but for now he is happy playing the clarinet. We found a concert quality Buffet for sale at a very nice price, so he has a really nice clarinet. He started taking guitar lessons also, but stopped when school ended. His clarinet lessons are year round because he also takes a private lesson twice a week. There were 18 kids in the seventh grade class, and he made it up to fifth chair. Quite an accomplishment for a boy who never practices.

I am tired tonight, lack of sleep last night, plus it is now 4:47 in the morning, so I guess no sleep tonight either. I can't sleep, I lay down and my head starts to spin with thought until I have to get back up. I put music play lists together last night, the night before I was up all night talking on Instant Messenger with a friend I had about 8 years ago. I hadn't heard from him in such a long time, we had much to catch up on. But I am heading to bed soon, and I don't think I will stay awake long now, because I am exhausted from lack of sleep and work.

I made a really nice dinner tonight. I had pork roast with garlic, lime, parsley, and soy sauce. A Cole slaw salad, but I added finely chopped tomato, cucumber, celery, carrot as well as cabbage. It was delicious. I made broccoli and corn, and a also made my three bean salad. Which is actually a 4 bean salad. And then we also had some potatoes, boiled with butter and sour cream.

Since I can no longer eat anything packaged, everything has to be made from scratch. But actually I think we are eating better now. Plus the fact that we haven't had a meal out in a very long time. It is inconvenient when one travels, but it is fine if we are at home. Plus it sure saves a lot of money not eating out.

Well time for bed, school starts on Thursday. Oh, I also gave Nick a haircut today. Not real short, but I took off a good two inches. He had hair in his eyes and I know that the school frowns on long hair.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you need to tell me about dinner before hand so I can get to the table in time! That all sounded yummy.

Burfica said...

yeah that does sound yummie, post some recipe's hehehehehe

I shave kiddo's head. He has really thick hair like his dad and a weird hairline, so shaving it works.

Plus he gets scaley sores if it gets to long.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, how much advance notice would you need about 11 hours. haha

It wasn't a complicated meal, just wholesome food. But I was really hungry and it was very satisfying.

Nea said...

Hi Burfica, I actually don't have recipes for anything that I made last night. I think you would call my cooking "dump" cooking, you just dump in what you think is the right amount. I have been cooking so long that I don't really need recipes for most things anymore. I even know about how much it takes for cookies and cakes, but I don't make many of them anymore since I can't eat them.

Nea said...

I have one son who shaves his head......his hair started falling out, so he just finished the job. I told him that it looked nice, and he said, "thanks, but I would have liked to have had a choice." haha