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Wednesday, August 6

The Blue Van

How does one get attached to a vehicle? I don't know, but I am attached to my van. She is like an old friend. I bought her new in 1993 on Mother's Day. I think I was feeling a bit neglected and so I went out and bought myself a new van. I am the kind of person who becomes loyal to something, and don't need a new vehicle as long as the old one is still taking me from point A to point B. So even though she has her share of aches and pains, I just keep patching her up and heading on down the road. One of the reasons I still have her is she is fairly good on gas mileage, (aside from the attachment issue.) The van still has a few pieces of white dog fur. I don't even try to vacuum them up. They are all I have left of Lou....he used to ride with me everywhere.

I drove her out from California when we moved in 2000. She has traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and she has also been to Tennessee and North and South Carolina. I suppose if she lasts long enough she may even make it to a few more states.

Today she is getting a new window. When we went to Texas in July, as we were heading down the road a big truck tossed a huge rock and it broke my drivers side vent window. Well a new one is $500. But I found one at the wrecking yard for $75.00. The glass shop is going to install it for $125.00. So I have saved a bit by doing it this way. Then it is time for an oil change and check the hoses and belts. I am planning a trip home to Louisiana in a week or so. Maybe then I will be able to get some sleep. There is nothing like being surrounded by happy thoughts and quiet to let you sleep at night.

6 comments: said...

I'm glad your old blue friend could be repaired.

Libby said...

you did good on the window, nea!! and i totally understand about not wanting to get rid of an old car...i hate it that everyone only wants new cars now, and they lease them for a couple years, then it's "new car" time! bullshit on that!!

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, we originally were going to junk it, and I said, it gets such great gas mileage, and I need it for hauling, I don't want a new van. So we agreed to just keep it, and fix it up.

Nea said...

I did do good, on the window, didn't I, I was pretty happy about how it worked out. I picked the van up tonight, and it looked good. I took it over to the garage for an oil change and tire alignment. I should get it back tomorrow and I am going to give it a good cleaning inside and out.

The Old Fart said...

Nea ~ Glad you are able to get your Old Friend back on the road. I miss my truck, I had it from 1992 to last year. It owed me nothing but I miss it. What I don't miss is the Car Payments I am making now for the new cobalt I know won't last the 15 years my good old Mazda B2200 did. Enjoy your Old Friends as long as you can.

Queenie said...

I think its a woman thing, every one of my cars gets a name.