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Thursday, August 7


Nick survived his first day of school and he even found a couple of his old friends. One had been home schooled last year, but he is back in public school for 8th grade.

We got all of his school papers filled out, medical forms, syllabus for each class, authorizations for special trips, stuff like that. Each year there seems to be more of them to fill out, but at least this year I just have Nick's papers, Ana does her own for college.

Nick is practicing his clarinet, trying to remember all the notes that he learned last year. This is his third year, and by not practicing over the summer I imagine he might be a bit behind. But the teacher assured me that few students actually practice over the summer. He sounds pretty good. He had gotten up to fifth chair out of 18 clarinets. He is the only boy playing clarinet. I told him that might be the case, usually the boys play the trombone or the saxophone or the trumpets, oboes, bassoons, instruments that make more noise. haha But he likes the clarinet. And his music teacher said if he wanted to switch that he could change to the saxophone very easily. He stopped taking private lessons over the summer. But they will begin again this month also. It helps him keep up, he actually does very well considering the little amount of time he practices. This year we have made a pack, he will practice 30 mins. each night. His teacher would like him to practice for an hour, but I think if he does 30 we will all be lucky.

I would like to sneak in there an tape him, but he gets nervous when I sit and just stare and listen. He plays better when he isn't under close scrutiny.

Well I guess we are off to a good start. This year they are letting the kids get their books on CD- rom. They have had a shortage of books in the past, so they didn't have a science or a math book last year. It will really help having a book.


Anonymous said...

I suppose carrying around the CD-Rom will make the backpack a lot lighter, too -- unless they have to carry around a laptop in order to access their book.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, If Nick understood them correctly, the book comes with a CD-rom. They will use the book in class, and they bring the CD rom home for homework and home study. If they lose the disc it will cost me $70.00. I had to sign a paper that I agreed. But a kid has to have a book. They aren't letting them come home with the book, so in a way, we just about have to sign the paper. I told Nick, you sure better not lose the CDrom. I am more worried about it being stolen. Kids steal here.