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Tuesday, September 2

Winds Have Died Down

The winds in Alexandria are down to 15 miles per hour. The hurricane/storm has passed over and is now just a heavy wind. I am not sure how much serious damage the storm caused in Louisiana. They are used to high winds here in the south, they happen frequently. My place is in an area known as tornado alley so you know that high wind is often present. That is one of the reasons the pecan trees look so scraggly, they lose limbs every year.

I watched the news all yesterday and followed the path of the storm. The one thing that they don't like to mention on the news, once a hurricane hits land it downgrades to just a tropical storm quickly. I think the wind was near 45 when it hit land, with only and occasional gust that reached anywhere near hurricane strength. When Gustav came on land it was downgraded from a 2 to a 1 in strength. If you remember Katrina was a 5. So you can see that this was by far a less serious storm. Not to say if it knocked your roof off that it didn't cause some damage. But the levy held so New Orleans was okay, and as far as I know it didn't do any of the devastation of Katrina. So things will be back to normal a whole lot quicker, I would think.

Hopefully I still have a roof on my place. My house is old and so is my roof.


Libby said...

hopefully, the people that evacuated don't think that next time they'll just stay put, cuz it wasnt that severe...this time, it wasnt...that was just 'luck' for them

Nea said...

Hi Libby, that is what often happens, people hate to evacuate, and then if it doesn't seem it was necessary, they say, next time I will stay put. but you just can't be that sure, better to be safe than sorry.

Cindy said...

I think I'll stick with our blizzards. A hurricane would scare me to death. We were in Maine when Hurricane Bob was coming and people everywhere were taping windows, etc...they didn't get hit too bad where we were and when we went down to the shore the next day, the storm surf was beautiful to see.
Hope your place survived Gustav intact and that these next ones coming don't do any damage either.