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Friday, August 1

Nick's New Clothes

The kids returned home from shopping just as I was leaving. So I stopped and came back inside to see what Nick bought. He got a lot of T's, in shades of black and white. He got new shoes (also black) socks (white) and pants( blue.) He is going to be rather monochromatic this year I guess. He usually gets some orange, red and green. Nick likes color. I see a bit of his sister's influence in his choice of new clothing. But I guess that is to be expected. She considers herself to be a fashion Diva. She began working in a teen clothing store when she was sixteen. She will be nineteen her next birthday, so she has been working for almost three years now. And all at the same store. The woman that she works for is so dependent on Ana for buying and advertising, I don't know what she would do without Ana.

Ana does seem to have her finger on the pulse of what the young girls want to wear. She comes home from work beaming because her clothing choices are selling so well. However, I am not so sure that she fully appreciates the "pulse" in fashion selection for a 13 year old boy.

Well I guess the trip was labeled a success. That job done for another year. Yeh!!

4 comments: said...

Ana probably convinced Nick he would look cool, and that's a major plus factor in changing one's tastes!

Alekx said...

I'm thinking before puberty as long as he's actually clothed and it doesn't have food spots all should be good.

Nea said...

Hi Quilly, before they left, I took Ana aside, and tried gently to impress on her, that Nick needs to learn to make decisions for himself....and this might be the time to let him try. But I am sure she had much to do with his choices. But he seems happy.

Nea said...

Hi Alekx, welcome to my blog.

I think that your thinking and Nick's thinking are quite similar. haha, Up until this clothing trip, I don't think he really even looked at what clothes he was putting on.

I have four sons, Nick is the youngest, and I know for a fact....that personal hygiene and clothing awareness is a barometer as to just about when the boys are beginning to show interest in girls.....haha