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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.

Friday, September 19

Being A Parent

When I started my blog it was to be my own journal,  not really for others to visit or read....just for me. I still feel that my blog is more for just me than for others,  my place,  a place to write about family and feelings.

Right now my heart is heavy,  my daughter is having so much pain with a failed really breaks my heart to see her hurting and in pain.   I wish like everything I could give her some words of wisdom that would make it all better.  I told are pigs.     That seemed to help a bit.

Time will help,  it has only been a week,   she has been home more in the last week than she has been in the last three years.  I guess knowing her family is behind her helps some.    A parent always wants to protect her children from hurt,  but it isn't always possible once they are grown.   Love her so much.


Ginco said...

Hallo dear Nea, don't know if you still remember GINCO????
Due to surcumstances I have neclected my blog and forgot my Password....Geeeez Girl, what a battle I've had getting back to Blogging.... tried a few different ones, but it was a matter of "here too Long and there too short" Believe me I battled and nearly went up the walls for months on end!!! I am sooo happy to have found you as i've always enjoyed what you had to say. I have started a new blog (YEAH finally got it going)
You say you've been checking into older Bloggers but no go.... you know why Girl??? EVERYONE'S SO DARNED ENGROSSED IN FACEBOOK!!!!!! I HATE FACEBOOK.... TRIED IT, BUT NOTICED IT WILL NEVA EVA BE THE SAME AS BLOGGING!!!!!! It will be wonderful to see you on my new Blogger page.... my address is
I sincerely hope my message will reach you good and well because I have to still prove I'm not a Robot down below on your comment section... hee heee!!

Ginco said...

Aaaah what a relieve,,, my comment was passed on---- I still wanted to say.... Don't worry dear Girl,,, your daughter's failed relationship is part and parcel of being a parent. Your Posts and all you write is so touching and as Long as you'll be there for your child - as we Mothers are - she will be grateful to you in time to come when her pain subsides when she meets Mr. Right.Best of luck dear Nea.

Neoma said...

Oh my gosh, yes I remember you, I stopped blogging for so long I have just about lost track of everyone. I didn't get your first message, but I got the second one. I will come over and find your blog right now....I too have missed blogging.....don't know why I I guess. :) And thank you, yes she will be fine, it has now been well over a month, she is still hurting, but we talk, and it helps...

Ginco said...

Hallo dear Nea,,,, I feel the Need to write you another comment. For days on end I've been searching for all the sweet People I once knew on the blog... found but a few Faithfull guys. Pleeeeze do not stop Blogging, I have always enjoyed reading your Posts. It is tragic that People can Change so dramatically - - suddenly Blogging wasn't important anymore... but Facebook is. FB is so cold, where as Blogging is so much more important,,,,,,,, eventhough we haven't met you guys, we have the Feeling we've known you forever and two days. take gooooood care of youself and your loved ones dear Nea - - I will check into your blog and I hope we can Keep contact across the many miles. Hugs to you dearest Blogger friend.

Neoma said...

Hello Ginko, you are so right, we loved to blog, loved to see the people we knew, and then, so many stopped. Me included, and why, I don't really even know. One thing I know, my computer crashed, had to buy a new one, and didn't have any of my links. I think i kind of forgot where to go and find my blog, I also lost all of my passwords, so I also had a hard time getting back in. Plus the fact I have almost forgotten how to use blogger. :) I am right now wondering, will this post go to you, or just sit here where you will never see it. I think I am going to have to change the formatting and adapt to a new one, because this one doesn't give me the option of browsing blogs, I have looked and looked and find no way to go to another blog from here. You are the only person who I have found still blogging that I used to know on Blogger, Kind of sad, huh. I will try to keep blogging. I don't really do much besides garden these days. :) So good to "see" you again.

Ginco said...

Hi Nea, your comment reached me safe and soundly.
I am also guilty of not blogging - but then I have to remember the words of another faithful blogger buddy - she once said..."Life gets in the way" I guess that's the reason why I stopped.
You won't believe how I desperately tried getting onto my old blogs again - I simply forgot my password!!! Nevertheless, I tried for months on end, without success - - until recently (only because I am stubourn) and wouldn't let it slip by and making me feel dumb,,, I guess I'm a little like the Chinese, they don't wanna lose face (heee hee)
If I may give you a tip on how to find "old" blogger friends,,,, do check as many of your comments from the past... that's how I found you because for the life of me, I COULD NOT REMEMBER YOUR BLOG NAME.
I searched for blogger friends for ages, but it seems "they're all lost at sea"
I am indeed HAPPY that you're still around. Have a great day dear girl and keep well and safe.